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My Collections

This is my collection! I actively collect:

  • My sample code and paper from my projects

  • Some blogs and paper that are helpful

  • Some interesting Youtube Videos

  • My Favorite Soccer Highlights ⚽️

I have constructed a http server that uses POSIX thread in C to allow clients to connect with multiple ports concurrently. There are also multiple different ways that I have approached this, contact me if you would like to see other ways of implementations such as pipe.


We have built a board with rules that can detect the winning conditions for each player (including the AI Player) in Java using threads. We have also developed an AI using Minimax and employed Alpha-Beta Pruning with Opening Book to optimize performance. Link with Paper.


We have incorporated Arc-Consistency (AC3) algorithm with some customized heuristics to solve any valid Sudoku Puzzle in Java and detect unsolvable puzzle as invalid input. There is also a Graphical User Interface in our implementation.


We have built a sentiment analysis app that it will make a prediction of the sentiment (Positive/Negative). The algorithm we used was Naive Bayesian Classifier. It has 88% accuracy on training data (seen) and 72% accuracy on testing data (unseen). The data we used was the rating of politician, movie, and restaurant with 1 as negative and 5 as positive.


This is a paper that Meta AI has released in May 2023 about one of its news product - LIMA. LIMA is a large language model similar to GPT, but with much less parameters - only 65B! This paper talks about why is LIMA so powerful. Most importantly, it proves that we do not need as many parameters to outperform GPT-4 in specific domain with fine-tuning.


This Paper talks about how to bring the way human approach a problem into the realm of LLM. We can also decompose a task into multiple steps/smaller tasks to enhance the quality of response in LLM. This paper guide through how this simple trick and solve the problem that your LLM does not generate the best response!


Needcode provides me an amazing guide on how I should prepare for the technical interviews. This video also has provide me a super helpful Leetcode Roadmap that informs us the sequence of practice. What I agree the most is quality is always better than quantity.


My favorite video editing about the Argentina's road to the world cup champion. I was a big Messi fan since I was 10. I become a big soccer fan since then. My favorite team is Argentina and my favorite club is Ma

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